The Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector is a network of cultural NGOs, artists and cultural managers that aims to support and promote the interests of the private cultural sector in relation to the public authorities.

Our objectives are to:
> contribute to the reform of public funding systems for culture;

> support the access of the independent cultural sector to public funds;

> involve the independent cultural sector in the formulation and implementation of cultural policies;

> improve the organisational capacity of the NGO cultural sector.

We run advocacy and lobby campaigns; monitor the activity of public administrative bodies; produce studies, reports and evaluations around aspects that concern the profile and activity of NGO cultural organisations.

We aim to become an active partner of dialogue with public autorities and with public cultural institutions.

The Coalition was founded in March 2010 and it welcomes anyone willing to take part in its activities, support its objectives and adhere to its mission.

You can support the Coalition by either becoming a Member or a Supporter. If you would like more information about our members, supporters or activities, do not hesitate to write to us at coalitia@artsf.ro.

We prepared an image that you can upload on your blog or website to show your support.


black and orange version

black version


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